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Room 300, Capitol
Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone: 502-564-8100
Fax: 502-223-5094

.jpg of Robert Jenkins
Robert Jenkins
Deputy Director for Committee and Staff Coordination
.jpg of David Wickersham 
David Wickersham
Deputy Director for Education Accountability
.jpg  of Teresa Arnold
Teresa Arnold
Deputy Director for Research
.jpg of Jenny Bannister
Jenny Bannister
Deputy Director for Budget Review
.jpg of Rob Williams
Rob Williams
Reviser of Statutes

.jpg of Tim Holbrook
Tim Holbrook
Deputy Director and Chief  Human Resources Officer
.jpg of Joy Kiser
Joy Kiser
Assistant Director for Business Operations

.jpg of Greg Woosley
Greg Woosley
General Counsel

.jpg of Joel Redding
Joel Redding
Assistant Director and Chief Information Officer
.jpg of Rob Weber
Rob Weber
Public Information Officer
.jpg of Christy Glass
Christy Glass
Executive Secretary to the Commission