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The listings below include the name and e-mail addresses for all OEA staff. Staff may be reached at the e-mail address listed or by phone at 502-564-8167 or toll free at 800-242-0520. To fax information to a staff member use 502-564-8322. Mail directly to a staff member at 475 Coffee Tree Road, Frankfort, KY 40601.
E-mail Address
David Wickersham, Deputy Director of Ed. Accountability
Bryan Jones, OEA Investigations Division Manager
Brad Nelson, Ed. Accountability Investigator
Terri Collins, Ed. Accountability Investigator
Catherine Moran, Ed. Accountability Investigator
John Powell, Ed. Accountability Investigator
Steven Pulliam, Ed. Accountability Investigator
Dr. Bartolo Liguori, OEA Research Division Manager
Sabrina Olds, Ed. Accountability Research Analyst
Dr. Deborah I. Nelson, Ed. Accountability  Research Analyst
Albert Alexander, Ed. Accountability  Research Analyst
Chris Riley, Ed. Accountability  Research Analyst
Allison Stevens, Ed. Accountability Research Analyst
Pamela Young, Administrative Assistant
Angela Jones, Administrative Assistant