Kentucky Constitution
Section 147

Registration of voters -- Manner of voting -- Absent voting -- Voting machines -- "Election" defined -- Election laws -- Illiterate and disabled voters.

The General Assembly shall provide by law for the registration of all persons entitled to vote in cities and towns having a population of five thousand or more; and may provide by general law for the registration of other voters in the state. Where registration is required, only persons registered shall have the right to vote. The mode of registration shall be prescribed by the General Assembly. In all elections by persons in a representative capacity, the voting shall be viva voce and made a matter of record; but all elections by the people shall be by secret official ballot, furnished by public authority to the voters at the polls, and marked by each voter in private at the polls, and then and there deposited, or any person absent from the county of his legal residence, or from the state, may be permitted to vote in a manner provided by law. Counties so desiring may use voting machines, these machines to be installed at the expense of such counties. The word "elections" in this section includes the decision of questions submitted to the voters, as well as the choice of officers by them. The General Assembly shall pass all necessary laws to enforce this section, and shall provide that persons illiterate, blind, or in any way disabled may have their ballots marked or voted as herein required.

Text as Ratified on: November 6, 1945.
History: 1945 amendment was proposed by 1944 Ky. Acts ch. 5, sec. 1; 1941 amendment was proposed by 1940 Ky. Acts ch. 74, sec. 1, and ratified on November 4, 1941; original version ratified August 3, 1891, and revised September 28, 1891.

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