Kentucky Constitution
Section 157b

Adoption of budget required for cities, counties, and taxing districts -- Expenditures not to exceed revenues for fiscal year.

Prior to each fiscal year, the legislative body of each city, county, and taxing district shall adopt a budget showing total expected revenues and expenditures for the fiscal year. No city, county, or taxing district shall expend any funds in any fiscal year in excess of the revenues for that fiscal year. A city, county, or taxing district may amend its budget for a fiscal year, but the revised expenditures may not exceed the revised revenues. As used in this section, "revenues" shall mean all income from every source, including unencumbered reserves carried over from the previous fiscal year, and "expenditures" shall mean all funds to be paid out for expenses of the city, county, or taxing district during the fiscal year, including amounts necessary to pay the principal and interest due during the fiscal year on any debt.

Text as Ratified on: November 8, 1994.
History: Creation proposed by 1994 Ky. Acts ch. 168, sec. 3.

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