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During each Session of the Kentucky General Assembly the Legislative Research Commission (LRC) offers PICKUP or MAIL SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE for Session-related printed materials.

Session related printed materials include:

  • Bills and Resolutions of the General Assembly.
  • Amendments to Bills.
  • Roll Call Votes on Bills, Resolutions, Amendments.
  • Daily Legislative Record (newspaper summaries of legislative action)
  • Friday Legislative Record (newspaper summaries of legislative action)

Prices quoted below are for even and odd year sessions. Prices for Special Sessions vary, depending on the length of the session and number of bills introduced.

NOTE: All prices quoted below are subject to 6% Kentucky Sales Tax.

Subscriber and Purchasing Services

  • Subscribers get all bills, resolutions and the Legislative Record at one location on a daily basis throughout a Session.
  • Individual copies of bills, resolutions, amendments, roll call votes and the Legislative Record may be purchased.
  • All session related printed materials may be picked up or purchased at the Public Bill Room sales counter from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, or up to 30 minutes after adjournment each day during a Session.

Cost of Subscriber Pickup Service

  • All bills & resolutions = $630 in even year and $425 in odd year sessions.
  • Daily Legislative Record = $165 in even year and $82.50 in odd year sessions.

Cost of Individual Bills, Resolutions and Amendments for Pickup

Individual Bills per page $0.05
Resolutions per page $0.05
Amendments per page $0.05
Roll call votes per page $0.15

Cost of Individual Legislative Record  for Pickup

  • Per copy = $2.75

NOTE: Individual copies of bills, resolutions, amendments, roll call votes and the Legislative Record can also be ordered by phone for first class mailing. The minimum cost for mailing is $1.00.


Mail Subscription Service

  • The Legislative Record is mailed to subscribers.
  • The Legislative Record is mailed the same day first class postage paid.

Cost of Legislative Record  by mail subscription

Even Year Sessions Odd Year Sessions
Daily Legislative Record $165 plus postage  $82.50 plus postage
Friday Legislative Record only $38.50 plus postage $30.25 plus postage
Individual copy of Legislative Record $2.75 plus postage $2.75 plus postage



Bills of the General Assembly

A bill is printed for distribution at three stages, depending on how far it moves through the legislative process:

  • BILLS AS INTRODUCED. After a bill is filed with the clerk of the House of representatives or the Senate, and then read in the chamber of its sponsor, it is considered introduced, and ordered to be printed.
  • GENERAL ASSEMBLY (GA). The second copy of a bill is printed only after a bill has been adopted (passed) by the chamber in which it originated. This copy contains any changes, in the form of amendments, which were adopted on the floor of the originating chamber. The GA copy is then forwarded to the opposite chamber for its consideration.
  • ENACTED BILLS. Final version of a bill that has passed both chambers of the General Assembly and been amended in the opposite chamber or by a conference committee, and enrolled by both chambers, may be reprinted in its enacted form.


Three types of amendments are printed.

  • COMMITTEE AMENDMENTS. Are changes to a bill proposed by the committee assigned to review it. When several changes are adopted the bill may be rewritten as a Committee Substitute. (Committee Substitutes supersede bills as are included in the purchase price of all bills available by pickup. All other amendments are sold separately.)
  • FLOOR AMENDMENTS. Are changes to a bill proposed by a member when the bill is under consideration by the full chamber membership.
  • CONFERENCE COMMITTEE REPORTS. Are changes agreed to by selected members of both chambers to reconcile differences in the same bill resulting from the adoption of different amendments by each chamber.


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